About Roundabout Books

Our Shop

Roundabout Books is an independently-owned used bookstore in the Town of Greenfield, in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. If imagining a visit to a library archive gives you an excited tingly feeling, our bookstore might be the place for you. Situated in the recently rebuilt Kimball’s Laundry building on Kenwood Street, our shop is simple, spacious, and organized—a bookstore for book people—where the experience of walking through wide aisles of thoughtfully selected books defines the space. Perhaps because of our own love of libraries our store may feel familiar, even nostalgic. We hope it will feel like a place where you can belong and explore.

Our Books

Our bookstore honors the primacy of books in the lives of readers by making every aspect of acquiring books delightful.  Like a great grocery, we find excellence and art in the delivery of something that is needed. We offer thoughtfully selected used books, which are constantly updated and renewed. We offer an extensive, searchable catalog of books, which can be pulled for you in the store or shipped to your house. Our extensive, well-organized store and can-do customer-service ethic honor the idea of the bookstore a needed institution anchoring our life of the mind.