About Roundabout Bookstore

Roundabout Books is an independently-owned used bookstore in the Town of Greenfield, in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. If imagining a visit to a library archive gives you an excited tingly feeling, our bookstore might be the place for you. Situated in the recently rebuilt Kimball’s Laundry building on Kenwood Street, our shop is simple, spacious, and organized—a bookstore for book people—where the experience of walking through wide aisles of thoughtfully selected books defines the space. Perhaps because of our own love of libraries our store may feel familiar, even nostalgic. We hope it will feel like a place where you can belong and explore.

Upcycling and Expertise

Our store combines a book warehouse with a traditional shop.   At its heart, our bookstore is a small-scale upcycling plant. Just large enough to receive books in bulk truckloads, we sort through thousands of books each day, organizing them for local and mail-order sale.  Yet, unlike larger book warehouses, which have come to define the mail-order used book scene, our books are sorted by our small, dedicated staff.  With cheerful relentlessness, our team literally dive into 800lb boxes, sometimes sorting a ton of books in a day.  Like the landscape of our store, our sorting and book selection is simultaneously artful and industrial.  We hope that people who visit our front store can see the stamp of our personality in the books we choose to feature.  Our shop is, on the one hand, very quiet--which many people notice when they walk in and don’t hear distracting shopping music—and, on the other hand, very animated.  It is a working place, alive with new books coming in and out, being sorted, shipped, and shelved.

Our Books

We offer the largest selection of high quality children’s books in the area with an ample front space for children to play and a sofa to sit and pilot books with your child.  We have a large and diverse non-fiction section, with several foci in history and hard-to-find technical books.  We maintain both literary and popular fiction sections, as well as a broad selection of classic literature. We have three shelves of sci-fi and fantasy paperbacks and a constantly changing selection of popular mass market paperback fiction, including romance novels and mysteries.  We also love vintage books, and choose a very small proportion of old books to feature as beautiful and often surprisingly inexpensive gifts.