Children's Books

                                                                      Photograph of our children's department  

Children’s books hold an elevated position in our store. We take seriously and joyfully the prospect that our children’s books can awaken a love of books and thereby a love of ideas.

We begin by selecting books which meet the demanding standards of the people they are written and drawn for: children.  Often, this means selecting books which behave something like poetry does for adults, with words carefully planned and ready to be spoken aloud. Often pictures show a characteristic and memorable style of art that imbues itself on our memory. Some of these books are even the same memorable ones from our own childhood--we often find some early hardcover editions of classic authors such as Robert McClosky and Virginia Lee Burton.

Most often the foundation of this collection is an abundant number of Caldecott and Newbery winning illustrators and authors.  We also attend to finding and presenting books of recent interest to children and both recent and older series which our young customers have requested: Junie B. Jones, Magic Tree House, Harry Potter, and Diary of A Wimpy Kid, for example. We stock excellent condition books in our extensive used children’s book section. Our special prices for our used children’s books, $2.95 for all hardcovers and $1.95 for all paperbacks, are a deliberate price for both children and adults who want to build a voluminous library.