Cyber Monday Deals


Cyber Monday Summary, spend $50 or more and get a free bag of Tandem Coffee


Happy Weekend and Cyber Monday!

I am delighted to announce our first ever Cyber Monday promotion.  Inspired by our friend at Tea Trekker who creates a bold deal every year for Cyber Monday, I wanted to do something similarly exciting for our customers.  I love the idea that a independent, local business can offer a deal that is easy, generous, exciting, and comes right to your home.  Now, with our new fully-searchable website brought to life, I hope our Cyber Monday deal can be just that!  

As some of you already know, our shop has started selling small-batch, artisan coffee, by Tandem Coffee Roasters in Portland Maine.  I first had their coffee when our shop got its start selling books at the Greenfield Farmer's Market (where I met many of you for the first time, too).  The aptly-named Patrick McCaughey offered Tandem at his pour-over coffee bar.  What a joy! 

I found their coffees, especially well-prepared as they were, to be a mediation-in-a-drink.  Each of their coffees was distinct, bright, and a pleasure to try.  Now that I make Tandem Coffee regularly at home, my favorite way to prepare it is in an Aeropress, though it is great in a drip machine, too.  

In addition to our Tandem Coffees, I am also pleased to offer a bundle of Dean's Beans Uprising Blend and Dean's Beans award-winning hot cocoa.  The Uprising blend is my favorite of the Dean's Beans coffees, and for coffee lovers who prefer to add cream to their coffee, some have preferred Dean's Beans to our brighter Tandem Coffees.  The hot cocoa mix--Sweet Justice it is called--has been thoroughly tested by my son.  He and I both think it delightful and much richer than than standard mixes--thus much more fitting for a real snow day, like those we eagerly anticipate.  You'll find this bundle in our Featured Items as well, and feel free to choose it if you prefer it as your free gift. 

So, here is my vision for our own Cyber Monday deal:

1. Visit our new website at and peruse through our many offerings of books, CDs, and DVDs.  

2. Add $50 or more of these books, CDs, and DVDs to your cart.

3. In the Featured Items section of our home page, choose among our four Tandem Coffees and the Dean's Beans bundle described above.  Add one of these to your cart.  When you check out, the freshly roasted coffee will be a free gift.

4. Complete your order any time between now and the stroke of midnight Monday night.  

The fine print: Tandem Coffee is roasted to order three times a week, so we don't expect to run out.  If we receive a large number of orders, shipping may be delayed a couple of days.  I spoke with our friends at Tandem to see exactly which coffees they would be roasting this week, so there is an excellent likelihood that they will have what they have said.  If for some reason they have run out of the specific coffee you have selected, we would substitute one from the same region (Kenyan for Kenyan, etc).  If you have any trouble ordering from our new site, however incredibly unlikely computers are to err, feel free to call our shop any time on Monday to place an equivalent order by phone with a human, who is likely to err, but is also likely to respond with warm, but unobtrusive enthusiasm.  Certainly don't panic, unless you feel you would like to.  

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