Nature, Homestead, and Woods Books

old photograph of barn and raspberries
A photograph found in one of our books: "patience gets the berry."  Though much of the land is afforested, farm life and homesteading culture are still all around us in Western Massachusetts.​​​​​

During our process of moving, cataloging, and listing here so many of our carefully collected storefront books, we discovered titles for a new feature: Nature, Homestead, and Woods books.  We began with the thought that we would would try to share online the most straightforward books of our collection, which were largely recent and barcoded.  Indeed, you can find a broad swath of nature writing, field guides, and garden books now in our catalog.  They were just too interesting not to feature.  We have collected, like woodland specimens, various collections that feature concepts such as the skills of the farmer, the birder, and the naturalist.  

In our location in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts we have often come across books that emphasize traditional skills, some written during the Back-to-the-Land movement of the 1970s and others who were writing contemporary with these now "traditional" practices. Our collection demonstrates the environmentalism and homesteading thinking of our local community.

Represented here, too, are the works of classic writers of the genre, often in excellent bindings, including early environmentalists from John Muir to Rachel Carson.  We have been exploring the theme of being "lost in a book." Like many of us, you can also find yourself lost without a hiking or nature trail book. Take Thoreau's Cape Cod with you and a field guide to the seashells and stars, and maybe do both at once!  We hope you enjoy the collection.  It took years to gather, and it is a delight to share it all at once.