New Books

Roundabout is now offering a selection of new books of about a thousand titles for adults and children.  These books are cataloged on our website and available to be browsed in our Greenfield book room.  

Starting as a used bookstore and operating exclusively as a used bookstore for seven years, we are now offering new books to our customers, as well, as part of our intention to provide the fullest reading experience for customers that we can. On the one hand, we notice that used books give a depth of content to our experience of reading--unconfined by a limited frame of recent time. Used books have allowed us to choose among millions of books for what we want to catalog or display, and that has allowed us, in turn, to insist upon finding books with a special angle or voice.

On the other hand, having worked exclusively with used books for so long, we are keenly aware of the role not just of recency in book-reading, but of the way that sometimes only new books can capture something in the zeitgeist. Books, for instance, are what readers talk about. So, it is necessary to read that-people-are-talking-about to be a part of that discussion and modern community of letters. Maybe it is clearest, paradoxically, with our histories and biographies. The past we choose to focus on and the way we choose to tell it is something specific to our present time and place. We would like to offer this to readers, too.

As is true throughout our store, we aim to balance our curation, by which we hope to have the store as a whole express a creativity against the simple demand for titles emerging in the reading community. We have developed our process for ordering in keeping with this philosophy. While our space for new titles is currently circumscribed, we plan to present most of the top selling titles in literature and non-fiction. We also intend to offer a number of staff selections, which reflect our own current reading interests and recommendations.

Lastly, where we don’t have an item currently in stock, we intend to offer special ordering that is fast and inexpensive, so that each dimension of your reading needs--new, old, timely, and specialized--can be gotten at our fast and friendly shop.