The Rosen Singularity

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The Rosen Singularity
"Death is very likely the single best invention of Life." Steve Jobs, Stanford, 2005 Rosen David, a research biologist who does no research, is about to find out what the late Steve Jobs meant. Working in biotech and looking for novel patterns in the work of others, he makes a dramatic new discovery that turns out to be ancient history. The implications for medicine and society are profound, but he is unable to publish his findings. When his work starts disappearing and his life is threatened, his settled existence becomes complicated and dangerous. His actions entangle him in the invisible network of an elderly, jet-setting doctor with unusual patients, including a pair of sybaritic California billionaires and the brutal and long-lived African dictator, Edgar Jabari Mbutsu. Rosen ends up playing in a high stakes game with powerful players who leave him wondering how long he will live. The rules are unclear, the cards he holds are of uncertain value, and he may be called upon to bet everything. This provocative thriller from critically acclaimed novelist Lior Samson will have you turning the pages with anticipation and thinking about some of the hard choices that medical advances could soon force upon us all. Packed with energy, passion, and technical savvy, The Rosen Singularity is a thriller for our times. "This extraordinary author has the ability to anticipate events in ways that enhance his novels." Alan Caruba, veteran critic at BookViews.
Samson, Lior
Gesher Press
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