Special Orders

In addition to the broad range of books we offer in our store inventory, we also offer special orders.  Using special orders we can acquire nearly any book currently in publication for you.  We can pre-order books, too, so that you can order them when you find out about them, and then get them as soon as they are published!

We have partnered with the American Booksellers Association in their new endeavor, called Bookshop.org, to provide an excellent way to search for books and have them sent to our shop or directly to you.

Bookshop offers a broad catalog, based on Ingram's fulfillment network.  It features:

  • A 10% discount off the cover price to the customer on nearly all trade titles
  • A commission to our store when anyone shops through our bookshop link 
  • A way to purchase from a huge catalog without shopping on Amazon, which many of our customers have requested

During the public health emergency, we are going to use this special ordering system as our shop system for special orders.  Feel free to order right through our bookshop page and have your item shipped to your home. 

Try it out here: www.bookshop.org/shop/roundaboutbooks

Example page from our new bookshop special ordering system
Roundabout Books' Bookshop page from the ABA, where you can place special orders to our shop or directly to your home.